Four new core team members have been announced by the NHS Survival team. They include patients and professionals, and each brings their own passions about the NHS to the call for a Royal Commission which could help create true long-term sustainability for the NHS.

Patient Advisors

Carlton Hall is a pituitary patient who admires the dedication and skill of everyone he's met in the NHS.

He said "Seeing this service under threat makes me want to do anything I can to try and help save our NHS."

Laura Cleverly is a Type 1 diabetic, and a regular user of primary and secondary care and is an active patient who works alongside local and national services to develop and improve the patient experience. She regularly presents at health care professional conferences and writes articles sharing her insights and experiences of being a patient with a long term condition cared for within the NHS.


Matt Mayer is GP who has worked in Intensive Care Medicine before moving to General Practice, and has spent time working in the Australian and New Zealand healthcare systems. He believes strongly in free at the point of use healthcare, and the use of social media for quality improvement. He is joining the team as both a GP advisor and blogger.

Stella Dike is a surgical trainee in South London and the elected representative for core surgical trainees in the London Deanery. She was previously a national student representative on the UKFPO committee, and the President of her Medical School student society. She has given interviews regarding the recent Department of Health proposals to BBC Newsbeat and truly believes that the NHS must put patients first, and spend sensibly according to evidence, not politics.


If you would like to join the team, you can fill in the NHS Survival public consultation and volunteer your skills and expertise.

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